Our Mission

We are developing a peer-to-peer energy trading platform that offers stable and globally scalable microgrid management that other platform developers are unable to provide.

Power Transition is a revolutionary Microgrid Management Platform designed to transform how energy is used, managed and traded by governments, organisations, business and individuals alike.

The project utilises energy storage and advanced power management systems, optimising multiple sources of energy supply and demand, delivering flexible energy trading, improving energy efficiency and providing detailed financial and non-financial reporting to its users.

Currently in proof of concept phase, the platform will be tested using homes and businesses in Corby, UK, before being rolled out across the wider community and will be accessible to microgrid developers anywhere in the world.

For more information please contact info@power-transition.com.

Power Transition has been developed by Carbon Free Group in partnership with Electric Corby CIC, Cardiff University, Hedera Hashgraph and Guard Global, with initial phase funding from the UK government's Innovate UK and private investment match funding.

Power Transition's founding partners

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