What We Do

We make tracking, accounting, optimisation and balancing of energy possible in real time!

Power Transition resolves legacy energy infrastructure issues by balancing dynamic clean energy, reducing the burden on the National Grid infrastructure and minmising transmission waste.

Our software platform provides superior tracking and accounting of energy production, transmission and storage and consumption by and between all elements of a grid and microgrid network.

Our Platform

We have created a game-changing software platform to help solve the challenges of the energy sector.

  • Our Integrated Microgrid as a Service (iMaaS) platform supports a rapid transition to clean renewable energy.
  • We track energy in real time supporting omnidirectional flows of energy, so no more guesswork, energy being unaccounted for or unused.
  • We empower individuals and organisations to take control of their energy, supporting collaboration and local energy sharing.
  • Our platform can manage energy instantaneously, fairly, and with unrivalled security.
  • The platform enables the processing and management of financial and non-financial transactions as they relate to energy use.
  • We save money and generate additional revenue streams for our customers, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

How We Can Help?

 Microgrid and grid software as a service – micro transactions & data subscriptions
 Smart contracting – automation & data provision
 Billing invoicing and settlement – dynamic billing & simplicity for customers
 Advisory services – microgrid design, software & hardware integration