Flex Market Applications

Currently in development, Flex-Market applications are being tested within a new estate in Corby, Northamptonshire and on commercial projects in Kent. By partnering with other platform providers and key stakeholders within the local energy supply chain, projects will allow for the dynamic balancing of electricity across the regional grid infrastructure. Integrating AI and machine learning support advanced behind the meter optimisation.

Applications under development include iEda and enable the dynamic balancing of supply and demand from fluctuating renewable energy sources. This supports a more reliable service and considerable energy cost reductions, in part due to reduced physical infrastructure requirements made possible by closer management of energy demand. We can connect to multiple energy assets and devices, identify flexibility opportunities, informing network operators of grid balancing opportunities in real-time. Our platform gathers information including: energy supply and demand data, pricing, and quantifies carbon. The platform allows low carbon, low cost energy to be used most efficiently by providing additional capacity when it's most needed, creating new revenue models for stakeholders operating and seeking opportunities in the newly emerging, energy flex markets.

Flex Market applications provide the trusted digitalisation of energy data required for a smart energy network and smart grids to exist.