Integrated Energy Data Analytics (iEda)

Power Transitions's ‘Integrated Energy Data Analytics’ (iEda) solution has been purpose built for network operators to individually map the energy journey of each unit of electricity flowing through a network. It uses state-of-the-art adaptive cybersecurity to provide auditable, traceable and secure data through tokenisation of each kWh of electricity generated, distributed and consumed on the network.

iEda provides immutable ledger records that can be used to track and optimise financial and non-financial transactions for assets across network infrastructure.

It enables the development of scalable applications which may be used by DNO/DSO’s and their customers to ensure an optimised grid infrastructure that will avoid the need for grid reinforcement in constrained areas, facilitate increased flexibility across the network, create additional network capacity, shave off peaks, also enable connected DERs to be used as new reactive power sources while reducing costs at the customer end and generating new revenue streams.

iEda achieves all of the above at a significantly reduced carbon footprint, a fraction of the cost per transaction of competing DLT platforms and without suffering from any of the same limitations on transaction numbers per second.