Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more frequently asked questions about Power Transition. If you can't find an answer here or elsewhere on our website then please get in touch with us.

What inspired you to develop PT?

  • Friends and colleagues and collaborators for some time in S.E. England
  • Coming together of deep industry knowledge and experience across energy and software development industries
  • Common goals: development of Sustainable Business frameworks that generate profitable revenues

So, what is Power Transition?

  • All stakeholders are shareholders and active project contributors.  Together we provide an end-to-end service for a highly flexible solution providing tracking, accounting and trading of energy via a digital platform, iMaaS
  • This is a new disruptive service sector with enormous horizons and revenue potential
  • A highly flexible solution that will support the urgent transition to renewables

How can Power Transition shake up the energy market?

  • Our product is highly disruptive across the sector, but we wish to work in parallel with existing systems to create a seamless transition to the new paradigm shift that is occurring
  • Our product is highly scalable from the individual home to national scale infrastructure

What is iMaaS?

  • iMaaS is a complete energy lifecycle tracking and management tool that can be adapted to a myriad of uses. Application specific dApps can be quickly developed and ‘plugged’ into the base platform
  • Trusted exchanges can be made between human and/or machine peers of information or value exchange without the intervention of a third party

How can users of the platform benefit and how much can they save?

  • Cost savings will typically be 30% off household bills, other markets can expect greater savings
  • Energy management empowerment & making informed decisions
  • Carbon footprint reduction and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR reporting

Can users receive cryptocurrency?

  • Yes, however, at this time all transactions are calculated and displayed in local currency.  iMaaS runs its own FX exchange platform
  • Each unit or kWh of energy is tokenised on the Hedera Hashgraph public network with Hbars
  • Later actual cryptocurrency can be used if an extension of services is required e.g. real-time music streaming or online shopping etc. Every installation will be equipped with its own secure cryptocurrency wallet

When could I sell energy to my neighbour with Power Transition?

  • Yes, once the required wiring and switching is installed within the microgrid community peer-2-peer trading among neighbours will be possible
  • This can be performed automatically, with the microgrid optimising trades or via individual contracts
  • Currently this can only occur behind the meter and where private wire infrastructure is in place

Who else will benefit from PT?

  • Residential customers
  • Commercial Customers
  • Local councils and boroughs
  • Renewable energy producers
  • Aggregators / brokers
  • EV infrastructure and car leasing companies

What can PT do for Microgrid developers, energy generators, brokers and aggregators?

  • Microgrid developers: provide services to increase scalability and performance across wide geographic regions.  Collaboration through the integration of multiple layers from private/public network Facilitated management and optimisation of virtual power-plants
  • Energy generators: create more predictable cashflow forecast with less reliance on spot-pricing offers from PPAs.  Stable and optimal energy production, independent of control of DNO/DSOs
  • Brokers / aggregators: real-time feed data of regional / national energy maps for fast and optimal energy trading. Micropayment facility available for multi-peer settlements