How To Invest In Power Transition

Our ambition is to become a universal transaction platform for energy systems worldwide – the common seamless operating language for energy management and trading, from micro-grids to electric vehicles to national networks.

In early 2018 Power Transition raised seed funding which was match funded by Innovate UK; these funds were used to develop and deploy its technology at a 47 unit eco-home development in Corby, UK that was designed by the leadership team.

Following the success of this project, Power Transition is developing its platform beyond the micro-grid use case and is engaging with numerous parties including commercial estates and local authorities, the NHS, Distributed Network Operators, energy aggregators, and energy producers. We are in discussions with BEIS, KTN, regulators and decision makers in the UK energy sector and are in conversation with Elexon about the implementation of our platform at national level.

invest in our crowdcube fundraiser invest in our crowdcube fundraiser

Our crowdfund has now closed. Our crowdfunding closed on the 19th June. Registrations For Interest closed on the 30th June.

Investment Opportunity

The current global pandemic has highlighted the necessity for energy security, stability and maintaining the health and wellbeing of all. Covid-19 has only strengthened the need to continue our business development activities, develop new opportunities for energy asset optimisation, produce new revenue models to sustain our customers business activities and enable further uptake of clean energy and storage onto the grid.

Significant interest in our software architecture platform continues as it provides a much needed short, medium and long term solution for grid networks and the energy sector, which is under significant pressure with or without Covid-19. Our solution enables the efficient exchange and access of data across multiple energy vectors and assets, whilst guaranteeing cybersecurity. Our platform helps to keep the lights on and builds resilience in the sector. It creates new revenue streams, provides optimisation to enable Distributed Energy Resource Management and supports flexibility services, whilst saving carbon and reducing energy costs.

Following initial seed investment our target was revised to £300K at a £2.8M pre-money valuation. This mid course correction was in response to the current Covid-19 global crisis. Following our successful Crowdcube raise enquiries about direct investment can be made via:

We secured the upfront investment and launched our Crowd Cube campaign in April 2020 and raised £254,700 from over 600 investors.

Follow this link for the full version of the investor video

Platform Partner

Power Transition has partnered with a 4th generation DLT/blockchain protocol called Hedera Hashgraph.

Hedera is a world leader in DLT. We use their public, decentralised network to enable fast, fair and secure applications to be built on it. This means we offer a far quicker and more energy efficient solution to customers.

Technology Name Energy Consumption (per transaction (kWh) Scalable Transactions (per second)
Bitcoin 250 3+
Ethereum 55 12+
Visa (Industry Benchmark) 0.003 1,700+
Hedera Hashgraph 0.001 >10,000+

Sources: Bitcoin Energy Consumption, Ethereum Energy Consumption, Bitcoin Vs Visa, Credits Comparison, Currency Comparison, Blockchain Scalability Problem

18 Month Delivery Plan

2020 Q2

CrowdCube investment round completed.

Modelled and validated 3 business use cases behind the meter to enable revenues from local flex market.

3 strategic partners in place HoT’s.

Investment in Guard Global Centre of Excellence.

First revenues generated.

2020 Q3

Partnering with BMW alphabet or another to commence interface and validation of electric vehicle and telematics.

License to operate as as a Virtual Lead Party (VLP).

Partnership agreement in place with IDNO e.g. GTC.

International contract with Vero Power or equivalent.

2020 Q4

EV infrastructure road testing.

Agreements in place with EV charge point operators and agree partnership with EV lease company.

NHS trials initiated.

First microgrid trading contract in place.

2021 Q1

Initial roll out with IDNO partner into other behind the meter projects.

First flex contract goes live with NHS.

First mobility as a service car club operational in residential development.

2021 Q2

Completion and validation of field trials for UK energy asset registration, mapping and data cataloguing with data inputs from DNO, DSOs, Ofgem and Elexon.

Marketing drive for EV infrastructure roll out and partnership engagement.

As above for microgrids and grid infrastructure.

2021 Q3

VLP services for battery system owners, commercial and residential.

2021 Q4

Partnership with Elexon demonstrating dynamic balancing and settlement at local grid level.