Managing Energy Microgrids using Decentralized Structured Databases

Guard Global Ltd has developed a system to manage renewable energy microgrids by harnessing the power of Hedera Hashgraph DLT. The core of the system is a decentralised structured database to manage trustless interactions among interconnected members, across multiple microgrid mesh-networks.

We have shown how the gossip protocol is able to handle the high speeds and volumes of transactions to cater for the demands of prosumers and consumers of renewable energy.

Our aim is to extend the microgrid network across borders, thus accurate reporting and governance is a key factor in our success. Our approach is to leverage our structured data reporting capabilities to seamlessly report to various regulators and compliance agencies, as well as the microgrid stakeholders. Peer-to-peer energy trading among members will be possible via cryptocurrencies and/or fiat currency  gateways.

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